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We're now Korriko!

March 17, 2021 2 min read


I made the decision to rebrand Blue Paw Co. to Korriko. New name, same team!

The decision to rebrand wasn't taken lightly, and here is our story:

The beginning to now

I started Blue Paw Co. in 2018 when I wasn't able to find any cute harnesses in Canada that fit my French Bulldog, Zoey, well. Pre-launch, I was working out of the second bedroom in my small apartment. On launch day, I was floored that 14 special dog parents placed an order with us for their pup. To be honest, I would have been so happy to even have 1 of you love the products and designs enough to place an order that day.

The day we got our very first inventory shipment back in 2018.

Our community grew each month, and very quickly, the brand was clearly outgrowing the spare room and inventory was stored all over my apartment! We made the move to our first warehouse at the end of 2020, which is pretty much at capacity.

None of this could have happened without YOU - our beloved community. I appreciate each and every one of you. Several loyal customers, now turned friends, have supported me since the beginning. I am forever grateful.

Small biz learning curve

In 2020, I knew it was time that I should look at protecting our brand and community for the long term. Once I began the trademark application process, I ran into some obstacles as we expand outside of Canada. Starting your first small business will inevitably encounter some challenges and A LOT of learning along the way, but that's what keeps it interesting and fulfilling. I knew the smart decision for the long term would be to rebrand.

The meaning of Korriko

Seeing the opportunity to come up with a cute name that I felt was a better representation of the brand, I decided to rebrand as Korriko Pet Supply. Korriko is completely unique and a play on word from the name of a town in the first Japanese movie I saw in my childhood, Kiki's Delivery Service (except the town was named Koriko.) Being part Japanese, I take pride in our signature fun kawaii designs. It's also fitting that Kiki starts her own delivery business in the movie. :)

I knew I wanted to keep our custom dog logo, because it represents my frenchie, Zoey, with the little heart on the nose representing the heart-shaped shadow her forehead has from her fur. I initially started the brand all because of her. It's also an important keepsake from the start of the brand. 

I am super excited about this new chapter! And don't worry, we've got tons of cute collections up our sleeve that will be releasing this year, in our modern and signature kawaii designs. For anyone with active gift cards, store credits, or rewards points, they are still eligible to be redeemed on

Thank you all for your continued support!

Founder, Korriko Pet Supply